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Current poster: April 2014

Ever watched a movie and seen the boom mike come into view at the top of the screen? Or noticed a wrist watch on a Viking or a TV aerial on an ancient skyline? There you were, caught up in the story, believing in great characters, transported by imagery and suddenly the new story is that the movie was badly made. Which is OK if the movie's a bomb and you're laughing with friends. Now you've got a bomb story you can tell.

But what if you were really into the movie and hoping for a satisfying end? That's annoying.

Speaking of bad movies, if your life was a movie there's no way you'd want it to show in public. Despite your protests, any quality director would ignore your good deeds and focus on the bad stuff - the moral scandals. It's those shocking, debasing, disheartening, yet oh so interesting things that compel us as we soak in endless movies and TV dramas. And all of us have moral failures, even if they're kept private in the mind. The recurring pattern in every human story is disappointment and regrets, feelings of shame for wrong things that we've said or thought or done.

And even though we might wish we could escape our story, it's not possible. The only option is the possibility that our story might change. Which is where Easter comes in. Easter is the celebration of God sending his son Jesus into the world to rescue our story. Jesus came to pay for our sin at the cross. And He rose on the third day to offer a brand new story - life forever with Him. Here's what Jesus said to a friend called Martha whose brother had just died.

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