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Current poster: August 2016

Brandon smiled at me again. He was frustrated and I admit, so was I. "Okay," I said, "So you're saying that I'm wrong for telling other people that they're wrong?" "Yes!" he said. "That's right!" "But hang on," I said, "Brandon, you don't believe in right or wrong. So how can you say it's wrong of me to say others are wrong? Isn't that a contradiction?"

It was a conversation I had many years ago. Brandon was a relativist. He thought there was no such thing as truth and that everything in the world was entirely relative - except for the truth that there is no truth. This truth was inviolable - sacred. To be defended.

Truth is certainly the issue. Finding out the truth about who we are, why we're here on this planet and what happens after we die are key questions that confront us all. Some people are confident they have answers while others think answers can't be found.

But no matter how scattered your thoughts, please take stock of what you believe and the reasons why. Otherwise you could spend a lifetime committed to error, never knowing the best of what's true and trustworthy.

And even if you've not yet formally worked out your worldview - you still have one.....

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